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Alien Anthology, “Interactive Desktop”

Twentieth Century Fox

Interactive Desktop

Twentieth Century Fox is one of the leading six major film studios.
Create an interactive and engaging digital experience to commemorate the home entertainment release of the Alien Anthology box set.
We created a custom Alien-themed desktop application for both Windows and OS X that took over the user’s entire desktop screen. The fully customizable interactive wallpaper used push notifications to send the latest news, video clips, features, and live Twitter feeds directly to the users’s desktop. Users could discover exclusive content, photos and concept art from the films, listen to the soundtrack, watch video, and customize the "wallpaper" within the application. A custom-built CMS allowed the localization in different languages and dynamic content to remain fresh.
The desktop application was published millions of times around the world. It became the single most successful feature in the digital campaign, resulting in the highest number of conversions.
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Interactive desktop design
Alien Anthology packaging design

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