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Athenos Recipes Application

Kraft Foods

Social Media Campaign

As part of Kraft Foods, Athenos is the leading line of authentic foods made the Greek way.
Establish a way for users to engage with the Athenos brand via Facebook.
The Athenos Facebook application is a project we developed in collaboration with DEI that gives users access to hundreds of great recipes and inspirations. Users could easily browse recipes by type, cooking time, rating, or recency. Users could also submit their own recipes or rate, and share them with their social network. A custom-built CMS was created for content to remain current and accurate. The marketing team was also able to feature a Recipe of the Day.
The Facebook app gave Athenos social campaign a lift and increased the Facebook followers by hundreds of thousands of new Likes. Marketing could also use new user-generated content in form of recipes as Facebook posts, giving them an opportunity to leverage created content also as shareables.
User interface design for Athenos recipe app
Recipe submit form

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