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Avatar, “Pandorama”

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

Immersive Web Application

20th Century Fox is one of the leading six major film studios.
To promote the home entertainment release of the film, Avatar, we were asked to design an immersive, interactive, and shareable web experience that pushed the boundaries of web technology.
We created an online experience that allowed users to put themselves on the fantastical planet of Pandora. Our team custom designed gesture interfaces utilizing a computer's webcam that enabled users to interact with Pandora's flora and recreate a scene from the movie involving bioluminescent creatures. After inserting themselves in the interactive Pandoran landscape, users shared snapshots via Facebook and Twitter.
The unique user experience resulted in huge user engagement and sharing of user generated content via social media. The web application won numerous prestigious awards and the success of the web application led to the creation of additional interactive environments for the subsequent release of the 3D Blu-ray set.
OMMA Awards Web Site Excellence, W3 Awards Gold Winner - Movie and Film Web Site, W3 Awards Gold Winner - Experimental Web Site, W3 Adobe Site of the Day, Interactive Media Awards
Pandorama demo reel

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