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Beats by Dre

Facebook Application, Tumblr Calendar

Founded by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine, Beats by Dre is knows as the premiere manufacturer of high-end headphones and other consumer electronics.
To design and develop interactive components to support various digital initiatives, including the promotion of the holiday pop-up store in New York and celebrity DJ events around the world.
To integrate social into a holiday pop-up store, we created a customized Tumblr calendar application that contained in-store event information and dates. Additionally, we created a Facebook application called “Global Mixr” that allowed users to view exclusive content from celebrity events around the world. Content included music, video, pictures and behind-the-scenes details.
With the Tumblr calendar users were able to find out about special events in the store. The app drove traffic to the store and increased conversion rates. The Facebook app allowed users to stay connected and engage with the brand and promoted artists.
Global Mixr Facebook application
Beats Store Tubmlr events calendar
Rich media campaign

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