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Disney Movies Anywhere

Walt Disney Studios

Online Platform

Walt Disney Studios is best known as the pioneer of animated motion pictures and for their legendary vault of film classics.
Design and develop a visually compelling ecosystem that allows users to watch all Disney titles, including Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, across all devices anytime, anywhere seamlessly. The business needs also required marketing to be able to push promo material based on user preferences and behavior.
In collaboration with the in-house Distribution Technology team and other agencies, we created Disney Movies Anywhere. This platform allows users to enjoy all their favorite Disney films on all respective devices, anytime, anywhere. Users browse movies by title, or by category, and curate their own watch list, discover new exclusive content, additional footage, or behind-the-scenes, and accumulate rewards points to redeem.
Disney Movies Anywhere has been a great success since its launch and has become the center of the studio’s digital marketing efforts.
User interface of Disney Movies Anywhere on iPad

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