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24, “Greatest Jack Bauer Lines”

Twentieth Century Fox

Web Application

20th Century Fox is one of the leading six major film studios.
Give fans of the highly popular television series a way to participate in a social event and relive some of their favorite moments from the show.
Greatest Jack Bauer Lines is a web application that we developed which had fans voting on their favorite Jack Bauer line. Every 48 hours, more than a dozen of the best lines from a new season were added. Users voted the best Jack Bauer lines for each season. Video clips accompanied each quote so fans could experience their favorite moments all over again. Users were able to share easily the quotes and video clips and comment each line. Once all eight seasons were added and voted on, the greatest Jack Bauer line of all seasons was revealed.
The continuous release of Jack Bauer quotes resulted in users returning regularly to the site to view new content or cast their votes. Fans were highly engaged, driving traffic from YouTube and other social sources. Hundreds of thousands of visitors shared content, voted, or posted comments.
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