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Lake Sonoma Winery

Website, Branding

On a property at the base of the lake, Lake Sonoma Winery focuses on crafting small lots that celebrate the different regions of northern Sonoma County.
Rebrand Lake Sonoma Winery and to develop a consumer site that clearly positions the winery's unique terroir and its commitment to high quality wines.
The final product is a website that effectively communicates the winery’s pride in craftsmanship and quality. Inspired by the beautiful landscape of Dry Creek Valley in Sonoma County, the creative approach and methodology was of a scientific and aesthetic nature. The branding of the winery was accentuated with a blend of colors, typography, shapes, and stylized images.
All touchpoints were aligned with the brand, effectively communicating the winery's dedication to creating the ultimate expression of Sonoma's sub-appellation vineyards and the winery's pride in craftsmanship.
Lake Sonoma Winery website design

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