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Lizarraga Law Branding Initiative

Branding, Collateral, Website

Lizarraga Law, APC is a Los Angeles based law firm specializing in matters pertaining to Family Law, with an emphasis in LGBT, child custody, father’s rights, and more.
Increase sales after the client saw a decline in Yelp referrals and and search engines no longer listed favorably smaller law firms that were part of the LexisNexis platform.
Our branding exercise began with an in-depth investigation and survey of our clients’ background, goals, and core values. With a solid foundation of what we felt encompassed the Lizarraga Law brand, we designed an identity that best reflected these values and incorporated them throughout the website, as well as social media profiles, letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. With a cohesive web presence and corresponding print material, we were able to rebrand the company to align more with what their clients looked for in a Family Law Firm: personal attention, compassion, tenacity, professionalism, and integrity. The search engine optimized website featured responsive web design, allowing users to access the site across all devices and platforms.
The brand identity helped the law firm differentiate itself against competition, while allowing clients to easily identity the law firm. The website traffic nearly doubled immediately after the launch and continues to drive sales. 
Responsive web design for Lizarraga law firm

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